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Why Partner with US
What is EduOrg?

It is Me, Mohammed A. Shehadeh,  EduOrg is my startup Consultancy firm, exclusively owned by  me.  I incorporated the firm in Jan 2020, after 20+ years of global auditing and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) expertise under US GAAP and IFRS for multi-national companies.


I advise Boards and C-Suite as a strategic and trusted advisor concerning M&As, establishing departments and functions, entering new industry and jurisdictions, SOX filings, Security Commission filing requirements, restatement of financial statements, time-saving programs, value-added financial models, process improvements, and internal control weaknesses.

I have Managed in-house teams and outsourced companies globally, delivering results and over-achieving performance under high-pressure circumstances; excellent relationship management skills spanning 40+ countries ( in United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia) and 10+ industries (Financial Service, Investment Management, Private Equity, Real Estate, Mortgage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Oil & Chemical, and Fire & Safety).

The name EduOrg Consulting speaks for the triangle of my service where:

Edu:  I like to work and operate with an educational mentality, i learn, and i teach.

Org:  I am a big fan of pure organic type of service.

Consulting: Is the type of service I will be providing. 


Why Partner with Mohammed A. Sheadeh / EduOrg Consulting? 
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Among other services that EduOrg provides, the following are the main three services that I have been providing worldwide: 

  • Internal Audit: As a 3rd Line Defense, Establish & Lead Internal Audit Departments.

  • Risk Management: As a 2nd Line Defense, Develop & Monitor Risk Management Functions.

  • Control:  As a 1st Line Defense, Assess & Recommend Effective and Efficient Controls.


The main challenge any businesses face today is sustainability. Big portion of this challenge pertains to the cash, how to manage? how to reduce cost and increase revenue? and here's the formula, Companies can get the same or better services for less money by hiring the right independent consultant.  This is what i am offering:

  • Cost Reduction: You are getting a big-four partner level expertise for the cost of junior level.

  • Same or Better Service: I have remarkable record in exceeding expectations at all levels and throughout my career. 

Why Partner with US

We are a global consultancy that serves and educates organic services to the globe. with a diverse, talented team, and expert directors who have more than 20 years of experience working for Big Four, Fortune 100, and Multinational Companies.

We exceed clients' expectations among all provided services. Therefore, we believe in mutual success as you grow, we grow.   

Our Core Values


We bid for excellent services and outcomes. We believe that excellence is a state of mind, we challenge ourselves and achieve remarkable results.


We act with integrity and honesty throughout our projects. Our team value trustworthiness and tremendous ethical standards.


We achieve our corporate goals and exceed expectations because of cooperating and working as one team. Our team’s expertise makes us savvier problem solvers and chase terrific outcomes.


We obsess over client needs and always exceed expectations for the delivered services.  We reach only excellence if our clients achieved. We believe on mutual success as our clients grow, we grow.

Our Vision & Mission
Our Industry Expertise
Investment Management
Family Business
Private Equity
Oil & Chemical
Mutual Funds
Fire & Safety
Real Estate
Our Platform

Our platform has been designed to meet the requirements of all types of enterprises taking into consideration the flexibility of providing multi consulting services worldwide.

Our unique platform distinguishes us from other competitors. We have developed and created an efficient and effective program that

will improve your work experience and performance.

Our platform is a business model that invents value by expediating trades between EduOrg employees and partners. In order to ease the process of exchanging, we exchange documents electronically. We’re who innovated, design, and deployed the model. 

Once we form our partnership and we assign you a User ID, you will experience a new way of conducting business 

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