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EduOrg Platform

EduOrg Platform exists to facilitate the process of work and guide us to success. I mix and blend my advanced technologies with my expertise to come up with a smoother process:

  • I discuss my partners need

  • I propose a value-added package to my clients

  • I agree with the scope of the service​

  • I sign an agreement with My partner​s

  • I provide my partner with a log-in ID, as an example, on a regular basis, my client signs in using two factors of authentication and upload documents e.g. cash register, receipts, invoices, timesheet, bank statements, etc. in my hybrid storage. 

  • I get notified once a new document is uploaded

  • I process the agreed work

  • I upload my deliverable to my platform

  • My partner gets notified with the uploaded documents

  • My partner logs in and review

  • My partner sign-off  the agreement

  • I file and store data in my hybrid storage   

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