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Who is the Founder of EduOrg ?
Mohammed A. Shehadeh EduOrg Consulting

I incorporated EduOrg after 20+ years of Global Auditing and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) experience under US GAAP and IFRS for multi-national companies. And after being advising Boards and C-Suite as a strategic and trusted advisor concerning M&As, establishing departments and functions, entering new industry and jurisdictions, SOX filings, Security Commission filing requirements, restatement of financial statements, time-saving programs, value-added financial models, processing improvements, internal control weaknesses. 

I incorporated EduOrg Consulting Firm because I believe that there is always something that I can improve especially we are in the Postdigital era and Post-PC era that requires me to be hands-on most of the time. By owning my business, I will have more freedom and flexibility to use my knowledge to create a highly developed platform, controls, and workflow that will benefit my clients worldwide. I am passionate about overcoming obstacles, finding solutions and delivering exceptional results in the most effective and efficient manner. 

Additionally, I have been managing people globally, delivering results and over-achieving performance under high-pressure circumstances, and excelling relationship management skills spanning 40+ countries ( in United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia) and 10+ industries (Financial Service, Investment Management, Private Equity, Real Estate, Mortgage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Oil & Chemical, and Fire & Safety).


The company's logo speaks for the triangle of our service:

  • Edu: We work with a growth mindset, We learn from our clients' experience, from the newest technology trends,  then we enhance the workflow. 

  • Org:  We are a big fan of the pure organic type of services.

  • Consulting: This is our expertise, our pure provided services.


EduOrg Consulting Founder

 Mohammed A. Shehadeh (MAS) 

Why Partner with EduOrg Consulting? 
Internal Audit | Risk Management | Control
Cost Effective Consulting

The main challenge any businesses face today is sustainability. A big portion of this challenge pertains to the cash, how to manage? how to reduce cost and increase revenue? and here's the formula, Companies can get the same or better services for less money by hiring the right independent consultant.  This is what we are offering:

  • Cost Reduction: You are getting big-four partner-level expertise at a minimum cost.

  • Same or Better Service: We have a remarkable record in exceeding expectations at all levels and throughout our careers. 

Among other services that EduOrg provides, the following are the main three services that we have been providing worldwide: 

  • Internal Audit: As a 3rd Line Defense, Establish & Lead Internal Audit Departments.

  • Risk Management: As a 2nd Line Defense, Develop & Monitor Risk Management Functions.

  • Control:  As a 1st Line Defense, Assess & Recommend Effective and Efficient Controls.


My Vision & Mission & Values 
Our Industry Expertise
Investment Management
Family Business
Private Equity
Oil & Chemical
Mutual Funds
Fire & Safety
Real Estate
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